“In nature every moment is new…nothing is secure but life, transition, and the energizing spirit. Nature is indefinable, immeasurable, but we know that it pervades and contains us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

     There is an energy that propels me to paint when I am moved by profound moments in nature. While in that process, the world expands and I am driven to discover new ways to express the experience.

    “CURRENTS”, the title of my recent body of work, is based on a journey to places I have felt a deep connection to. From Nova Scotia to Montana, I captured rhythms of the sea, waterfalls, rocks and endless space. These forces become symbols of our currents of life, our moods and our internal navigations.

     The rhythm, power and transitory aspect of nature is transformative. I would like viewers to connect with my paintings and to discover a new perception for themselves. I believe our connection to nature is increasingly relevant and more essential today than ever before.

    “Art is deeply rooted, I believe, in the self and its relation to the surrounding world.”- Meyer Schapiro